Friday, November 4, 2011

Write3: Introduction

I want to introduce you a brilliant mobile journalism tool and platform from Bangladesh called Write3. The project is one of the winners at WSYA category Pursue the Truth! The leader of the project is Khan Suny Md Ashraf with co-producers Racy Gomes, Zaki Haider, Mynul Islam.

Write3 is a brand new, global venture in citizen journalism. The idea of this project is to give people the chance to be true journalist and uncover the truth. Using Write3 is really simple. People who want to participate can download Write3 mobile application and report from wherever they are and whatever they feel is news worthy.

This way people can share their own life stories, discoveries and experiences with the world by reporting to Write3. The news are instantly available to view and comment by others at the online news journal

This kind of tool is really much needed in countries like Bangladesh which are hungry for independent and politically uncontrived news, Write3 provides a social media platform where citizens can be heard. Developed primarily in English and the Bangla local language, Write3 will expand to other languages by end of 2011.

I will look forward to meet the staff and creators of Write3 and report to you more detailed information of this tool's and platform's future.

1 comment:

  1. It's good to see any services promoting free journalism like this.  I think  the success of the service will depend on two things:

    1) How well will people get to find out about this project (ie marketing)?

    Then 2) What will the content provided be like?

    Obviously winning this Youth Award is a good start on the awareness front. Otherwise the content is important because no doubt for this service to be successful there also needs to be readers. Whether that is just contributors reading other's posts and so becoming aware of issues and gaining support for their interests. Or if people from all different backgrounds get to read the news that is posted. The content will be the key as to if the readers are there or not. 

    Just giving the opportunity or all this is of course a good start.  Android and iPhone apps are planned to be available during the next couple of months.