Sunday, November 6, 2011

Playmyjamz: Introduction is an Entertainment Company that is changing the face of music business promoting the talented and young at heart artist.

For artists:

Playmyjamz is a web application to strategically promote less privileged artists and their songs for free in the everhanging and sometimes ruthless music industry. It encourages the upcoming
artist to be focused and stay away from crime, drugs and violence. Structural disadvantages,
poverty and corruption make it virtually impossible for anyone with talent who has success- fully recorded songs to promote these songs in Nigeria. At Playmyjamz artists can create a profile and release their songs for download.

For fans:

It starts with the listening experience. Queue up and store some good music from your favourite artist. You can add your favourite jamz to your profile page for later time.. Use our powerful search function to find the most recent artists. You can even search songs by lyrics or by genre. We always keep you in the loop with local show information that is just one click away from your favourite artist. Finally, if you are a true Fan, support the artists you love by sharing their page on web, your profile pages, or even join their street team. It's easy, it's fun, and the artists really notice who is helping them.


Playmyjamz believes nothing is more important to upcoming Artists than fame and the relationship with their Fans. All of an artist's financial success comes down to the strength and breadth of the relationships they have with their fans and the street credibility they have. It is from those relationships that artists can earn a living selling music, tickets and merchandise. It is they're mission to provide the tools artists need to create, nurture, and strengthen fan relationships.

Also active Fans are the best promoters of music on the web. Today is the age of social networks. Artists cannot be everywhere they need to be at once, so they need to focus on activating their most rabid fans to promote them in every corner of the web.


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  1. At first it's hard to see how this differs to MySpace but as you look more it does possibly give a more directed approach as well as having the interest of the artist at heart. Hopefully it will change the lives of some and get more doing what they love.