Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sahabat Alam

I'd like to introduce Friends of Nature (Sahabat Alam) In the Go Green category. Producer Adeline Tiffanie Suwana, co-producer Stephanie Aldilla. pic

The diverse and vulnerable nature of Indonesia is a good place to start conserving the earth. A few years ago the twelve year-old Adeline found the effects of climate change very upsetting and so Sahabat Alam was founded. For her love of nature she initiated different projects to help the environment and excite other young people to join her. They would plant trees, help animals and clean beaches, and now these projects continue. They are giving an example for the world on how to start saving our planet by real actions, and they are giving seminars at schools and making students discuss the issue. Spreading information about the environment and giving ideas on how to protect it is what Sahabat Alam is all about. Green energy and clean water are also part of it. The children feel they need to take action because the world is their inheritance and the way people live now is not very friendly towards the earth. The project has a website, seminars, exhibitions and a TV programme to help spread the word.

Adeline Suwana is an inspiring kid. She has won many awards already with her work and she seems eager to learn more so she could share that knowledge directly with the youth of the world. I can't wait to interview her or someone from her project to learn more about their agenda. They have already mobilized a lot of children, maybe we have the start of something very big here, something that could make a difference? The website could be more appealing and modern without the animated gifs but I'm sure it is good for the target audience. The project does state that it is important how to wrap the message so that children will open the package and absorb it. I'm sure there are also a lot of volunteers to help with marketing and appearance for such a good cause. At least for me the way the kids have really taken initiative and literally put their hands in the dirt to save the planet is awe-inspiring.


  1. A very interesting project and I'm amazed how young the leading kid is!

  2. At first I thought there must be an adult behind all the things this 14year old was doing but finding out more it's clear she's a remarkable young lady who was lucky to have the right people helping her. 

    Even if the website design does leave a little bit to be desired. She has the time to learn that though :)

  3. Amazed about this young lady and her will power and goals. Most of the teens at this age do not even care about the environement, neither about hunger or poverty they might not even care about their studies.
    I highly admire her work and engagement in helping the environment! Also her presentation during the WSYA was great and I would have never thought that she is just 14 years old.

    Go ahead Adeline and make the world a better place with your will power!