Monday, November 7, 2011

AVENTONES - less traffic, less emissions, better cities

Aventones is a project from a group of young professionals from Mexico, who are looking for solutions in social, economic and environmental sustainable manners. Concerned about the increasing traffic problem, they founded Aventones.
The idea behind is to help the traffic infrastructure by sharing cars to reduce the traffic in the area, which reduces the CO2 emissions and improves the quality of living within their city.

How does it work?
To start, you have to register to be able to see the members and to act.
First you fill out a form, by selection the city, the rout but also what type of ride, if you are the driver, co-driver, groups,... then you select the days and times. According to that, you will get proposals of people who are going the same route, at the same time then you are. If you are satisfied with it, you sent a request to the driver and if the organizer accepts, you are done. Now you have a group to drive with and you can enjoy the advantages of sharing a car.

What are the benefits?
For the Users:
- the possibility to contribute into improving the environment
- sharing a car
- save money of maintenance, fuel and parking fees

For the organizers:
- integrations of partners
- ease of transportation
- increased productivity
- saving on parking-related expenses
- improvement of traffic and therefore improve the performance of employees

Aventones gives its members the possibility to share a car or ride within a trustworthy company, is it within the university, companies, instances within the government or other members of the community sharing the same route. Within your group you can talk about routs, times and space in the car and who knows, maybe you will even gain new friendships.


  1. This is a very inspiring project in my view! I didn't look at the site yet, I'm hoping it is a working solution. Even in a small city like Tampere I think the air smells horrible and in the afternoon traffic 9 out of 10 cars only have one person riding in them.

    I know there are similar projects around, but I haven't tried them as I don't have a car and usually the trains have been friendly enough if it's too far to walk. Does someone have kimppakyyti experiences?

  2. Sounds like a good idea, especially in Mexico! There are so many cars in there (and the driving culture is well.. there is none) so at least this way they might be able to reduce the number of cars.

  3. I've used Greenriders ( once when traveling from Seinäjoki to Jyväskylä, but have searched for rides also other times.

    There's some three different pages for kimppakyyti in Finland, it would be great to have one, which would be most useful and popular.