Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 2 in Graz

First things first! Bewrages in Graz are good, pretty cheap and you've got amazingly beautiful places to enjoy them! Evidence:

Vesa and Tuomas enjoying beautiful weather at Schloßberg. Photo by Tuomas Mikola.

Graz is a stunning city but we're not just on a vacation. Fortunately our "job" is really interesting and fun. After quick stop to Kunsthaus Graz - a specimen of skill in modern architecture - we headed to Joanneum University of Applied Sciences. We had a tour to their premises and got brief introduction to their degree programs. We saw cool 3D animations and my first though was "sign me up for exchange period" but apparently they have classes in English mainly in masters degree.

3D animated introduction video.

A student working/chill out lounge where they are actually allowed to paint graffitis on the walls!

In the evening we attended Youth Award Festival opening at ORF Landesstudio. The place looked like a space station. We had the opportunity to meet interesting people and hear about interesting project as well as to dine and wine. Talking of great hospitality.


The vegetarian option was lacking, so to say.

Aching for more Graz!

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