Monday, November 7, 2011

Girls Only Radio Station discusses women's rights

Girls Only (Banat wa Bas) Radio Station is first of its kind in the Arabic world: radio station for women produced by women. It was started by Amani Eltunsi -a bachelor of science in computer science and a graphic designer- in 2008. She funded the project by taking a loan for it.

Girls Only is an output channel for young women in Egypt where it is based, and also for women in other Arabic countries. They deal issues that local women face in every day life through social programs with topics such as social-political awareness, marriage and divorce, self-defense and rape rehabilitation. The idea of the station was inspired by Amani's concerns about the rights of women in Egypt. She said that she was so worried about the future of Egyptian women.

The project gained lots of attention soon after it's start -both nationally and internationally. The station had 25 000 listeners in 2009 and now they have 5 million subscribers.

Amani was about to start a magazine first but decided to go with Internet radio to tackle cencorship and to reach wider international audience.


  1. It's quite cool that someone takes some action in those countries where it is not so traditional to do so. I have respect for those active women. It's brave to take a loan to make something happen like that! Without such wide publicity it wouldn't have succeeded so well, I think.

    The video was interesting.

  2. I believe that this endeavor is a big step forward for all the women in Egypt and other Arabic countries. I don't want to judge or question those countries' cultural aspect and rules, but I do believe that it is crucial for every person in the world to be heard and to be understood.

    And the number of subscribers clearly demonstrates that this kind of social community is needed.