Monday, November 21, 2011

Interview with Ignacio Cordero from AVENTONES

pic of Aventones team from (Ignacio Cordero front right)

During the WYSA I met very interesting and ambitious people, with great knowledge and amazing future plans. One of those people was Ignacio Cordero from Aventones, Mexico. I got interested in their project and highly believe, that it has great future opportunities in problematic cities concerning the traffic, like Mexico. Read and learn more about Aventones and its creators, why the participated in the World Youth Summit Award and what their future plans are.

What was your motivation for participating at the WSYA?
Our main motivation was having the chance to meet and exchange ideas with people from all over the world who have an authentic desire to influence society in a positive way, and also receive feedback on our project from web experts and learn new ways to collaborate.
How did you get the ideas for this project?
Living in a very problematic city in terms of traffic, pollution and consumption of resources, it made a lot of sense to think in new ways to help dealing with this issues. With that perspective. Aventones emerged as an idea that could put on commuter's hands, the power to solve this problems.
How long till now have a been working on the Aventones project?
It has been one year and two months since we started working on Aventones
What differs your project from others, similar ones, already on the market?
Our main competitive advantages are the following:
  • Culture creation: In a society where car sharing is not a common practice, it is critical to motivate and encourage users.
  • Security: Because our customers demand reliability, our service meets the highest requirements of security in Internet
  • applications.
  • Know-how: Experience has allowed us to implement and operate our services in a very agile manner
  • Positioning: As the first service of this nature in the Mexican market, we are positioning the company as a benchmark of Good Practices

Which impressions and memories did you collect during the WSYA?
Being in the WSYA allowed me to meet young and extraordinary people and learn about projects that are already having significant impact in improving the main social problems of the planet. From the workshops, I learned new ways to develop our project, reach new markets and offer a better service. Last but not least, I made great new friends from all over the world!!!
What are your future plans with Aventones? Are you going to develop and expand your platform further? (till now, Mexico and Chile?)
Our plan is to keep reaching new organizations in Mexico and yes, start to offer our services in Chile on January 2012. We also plan to expand our platform to the main cities in Latin America also in 2012, and hopefully be global after that!! Our final goal is to evolve our project and make it available to any individual.

Thanks a lot for giving us more insight into your project Aventones. All the best with it!


  1. These kind of services have been existing in Europe for some time now and that's why I can't see Aventones as revolutionary innovation. I'm not saying that the service itself is bad, vice versa. I think security point of view is new and seems to work fine.

  2. I agree with you that the idea isn't anything totally new, however, i was told from Ignacio that in Mexico it is a new concept. I personally think that it is a great idea to introduce the concept of car sharing in a city, where the traffic is as high as in Mexico and I really hope for them and the environment, that they can make it work on their locations and get lots of supporters.