Monday, November 7, 2011

The Global Experience e.V.

The Global Experience e.V. is an intercultural portal which aims to contribute towards a better global education by building cross cultural bridges among young people of the world and improving children's access to education worldwide.

This non-governmental organization is one of the three nominees of the World Summit Youth Award 2011 in the category of Create Your Culture! It provides a platform in the form of a website where people around the world can share their thoughts and report their daily lives, learn languages together, discuss global issues and reduce stereotypes while networking with others across the world. The idea is that every member of the community is both a student and a teacher, sharing their own culture to others and learning other cultures by reading submissions or watching videos posted by others.

The Global Experience e.V. also organizes youth meetings, conferences and trainings, creates educational media products, raises the awareness of cultural understanding and sustainable development while supporting social and environmental projects in their partnering countries.

Anna: Since the organization promotes better global learning and encourages towards intercultural communication, networking and partnership by bringing people together from around the world, it certainly deserves to be amongst the nominees of the World Summit Youth Award 2011. Instead of actually creating your own culture the organization is more about sharing your own culture with people and networking with them while learning about their cultures during the process. Nevertheless is great that a non-profit organization like this exists!

Emma: The ideas and concept behind their activity sound pretty naive somehow. I mean isn’t it kind of everyone’s dream to bring cultures together and know about others? Well, actually not everyone’s, I have to admit, after living in Finland all my life.. But it seems like they are trying to reach world peace. I don’t think that it’s bad, though. I’m glad to hear that some people have the real interest to bring cultures together. That is precious work in understanding others.

It’s nice that everyone is able to contribute - at least they are trying to make it so. The platform (online forum) doesn’t seem too interesting or new. In fact, it tries to look like Facebook. People can share their news and educational information to others, which is nice. I checked the forum and it looks kind of confusing to me. So if they want to make it accessible, they should make it a little bit more user friendly. Especially if they want to combine cultural things like languages and so on. To me half of the stuff looks like spam when I first take a look to the forum.


  1. The best thing about the world wide web is that everyone can be a teacher and a student, and people from all over the world can get together, so the idea is a good one. Would not know how to execute that, though.

    Was there a link to the website?

  2. That's true..

    The link is actually there in the text, right below the header.

  3. Okay thanks, that was well hidden. :)