Monday, November 7, 2011


Kherna is an online social networking platform created for charity and development purposes. It is based in Cairo, Egypt and the project is led by Amira Salah with co-producers Ahmed Yahia and Mohamed Salem. In WSYA 2011 the project was awarded under the category "Fight Poverty, Hunger & Disease".

In Kherna, civil society organizations can post updates for online users to see their activities and services in real-time. The purpose is to activate users in charity-work and to provide interactive portal where people can easily donate or volunteer through the online website. Users can also share their favorite activities on Facebook or Twitter, to inform their contacts, and to get more donations and volunteers for the causes.

Website: (not available in English)

This is very nice way to get people involved in charity work, and to collect all the information and updates about the on-going projects in one place. I think it would be nice to see this type of websites spreading all over. It just would have been nice if some parts of the website were available in English since Google Translate is not a miracle-maker.

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