Sunday, December 4, 2011

Interview with Playmyjamz

Playmyjamz is a web application to strategically promote less privileged artists and their songs for free in the everhanging and sometimes ruthless music industry. It encourages the upcoming artist to be focused and stay away from crime, drugs and violence. For more information, there is an introduction post of Playmyjamz in this blog.

I had a great chance to ask some questions from the team behind Playmyjamz:

Where did the idea to create Playmyjamz came from? What got you inspired?

I was inspired by the challenge of my little family freind that wants to get the world to play his song but does not have the luxuries of paying radio DJs and promoting his songs.

Is your service based only in Nigeria (most of the artists I found on are from Nigeria) or is it also available in other parts of the world?

The service is for Artistes from every part of the world. You found more Artiste from Nigeria on it because we have been able to get across to many radio DJs/presenter in Nigeria and more local newspapers. However, we are working on spreading the news to other countries.

How are you promoting this service, how artists can find you?

The service in itself is viral because Artistes bring people to nominate their songs. Therefore, we direct our major campaign to Artistes. Artiste can find us through the URL or send any enquiry to Presently, the team is working on a massive campaign or advert drive to propagate our service to the world.

How long did it take you to build up this service?

It took two months to develop the core features but development is still on going. :-)

I was impressed with the work they have done and really wish it will only grow bigger and achieve their goals and even more. I wish all the best and all the luck to Playmyjamz in the future!

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